Tuesday, September 1, 2009

life is crazy(homeless person perspective)

im 16 years old im damn near homeless my mom's sick ma sister got sent away so basically im homeless and alone...but the crazy thing about me is i still dont care, i go to school everyday i hang out every weekend with ma friends even if it means spending money i dont have...i have a question for you guys do u know what it means to have to go through all the bad stuff to get to the good?? because i dont all i been experiencing is bad bad bad....everyday i look at the kids in school i mean yea i dress as nice as them but i look and i wonder if they can tell that at the end of the day when they rush out to thier bmw's and thier convertables and they see me walking that im walking to no where....are you guys familar with the quote behind every smile there's a story well what happens when the author cant read thier own story???


  1. I am inspired by your story and your "never give up" spirit!

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